Debunking 4 Myths About Wood Floors

Here at Victoria Wood Floor Sanding, we think that hardwood is the best material for floors. Wood floors stand up to regular wear and tear well, continue several decades, and possess a classic look that goes with pretty much any room or design preference. We understand, however, that there are a few myths out there about wood floors that have gained some traction. Today we are going to debunk four of the common myths so you may be educated!

Hint #1: Wood Floors Destroy Forests

The prevalence of wood flooring may be a cause for concern if you're trying to be environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the Department of Agriculture Forest Service has regulations in place to ensure that all wood chosen for flooring purposes is replenished so that the forests continue to thrive. For each cubic foot of shrub harvested, 1.66 cubic feet replaces it.

Myth #2: Wood Floors Bring Water and Dirt

This is simply an illusion because dust and dirt can't hide on a wood flooring. Carpeted places just look tidy, but in reality, dust and dirt embed from the fibers of the cloth and make it rather tough to see. While you can see dirt and dust onto a timber floor more readily, it is also much easier to clean and keep.

We're not quite certain how this fantasy took off, but it has been shown time and again that homes with hardwood floors sell for higher prices than those with no. Additionally, but hardwood floors is also ideal to your physical health since they're easier to keep clean, making it a fantastic investment for your health too.

Myth #4: Wood Floors Make a Room Feel Cold

This myth is based on understanding. The soft texture of carpeting on our toes can lead us to feel that the whole area is warmer, but in reality, wood flooring can maintain heat and insulate a space just as well as carpeting. And, so far as visual warmness goes, choosing the right colour scheme can make any room feel inviting!