No Maintenance Decking: What Is The Best Option?

If you are longing to get a deck, however, are concerned about the continuing care it'll call for, now's the day to believe again. Although decking is traditionally made from wood, the modern low maintenance alternatives do not just look good, but they last a lengthy time also. Based upon Your budget and your desired appearance, There Are Many chances, however, these are a Few of the most typical:

Vinyl or PVC decking

Aluminium decking

Composite decking

It is for all these reasons that we have assembled this report. What we would like to do this is help you to choose whether low maintenance is the priority and if it's, which of those 3 non care options may work best for you personally.

Plastic or PVC decking. As the name suggests, this decking option is constructed of polyvinyl chloride, which can be one of the most common plastics on earth. An extremely versatile decking option, there's absolutely no argument that plastic or PVC decking represents a truly low maintenance option, but there is something about the artificial look of plastic that puts a lot of people off this solution. Though this decking option arguably does not look as stylish as some of the additional low maintenance options, it's particularly fade, stain and mould resistant. Easy to look after, there's no discoloration, shielding, painting or sanding required when you select PVC. All that said, PVC is typically a relatively expensive option; bearing in mind its own look is somewhat less attractive than some of the others.

Aluminium decking. Aluminium decking is rather a new kid on the block when it comes to choices. Again pretty much maintenance-free, it probably is more attractive across the board than PVC. That said, there's no getting away from the fact that aluminum decking is very much a contemporary, designer choice and probably wouldn't be suited to a conventional exterior setting. Additionally possibly quite a noisy choice, there are lots of people who would not even think about placing aluminium into their melting pot of ideas when it comes to decking.

Composite decking. Composite decking is often made from wood fiber blended with plastic binding components. These components are combined with each other to make a solid board which needs little if any therapy at installation or in a continuous basis. Based upon the composite decking you opt for, it may look convincingly like wood. Nevertheless, among the excellent things concerning composite decking is that, due to the smart construction, it does not expand and contract to the identical extent as timber, meaning that as temperature and moisture levels go down and up, the terrace won't bat an eyelid. This usually means that composite decking stands a lesser prospect of getting damaged by climate challenges.

Thus, if you're looking for a seriously low maintenance or no maintenance decking solution, which could work great for you? At Floor Sanding Victoria We are clearly fans of hardwood decking and truly feel that the effort that you need to put into this option pays dividends when it comes to looks. But we accept that not everyone has either the time or the tendency to put the required effort in and it's because of this that we have worked our socks off to find a no maintenance decking option that ticks our picky boxes.

The product which we've come up with is UPM ProFi Decking. You'll come across the whole range . The reason we believe this option is among the best solutions when it comes to no maintenance decking is because it's made from recycled goods and comes at a whole selection of stylish colours. From wood tones through to greys and blues, there really is something for everybody with this range. Add to this, the very fact there's no demand for yearly sealing or sanding and everything you will need to do is give it an occasional brush and hose-down and you also begin to find out why we like it a lot. This decking range has been made in this way that it's comfy under foot (even in bare feet) and doesn't get slippy when it's wet, so really is a terrific, all round, no upkeep alternative.

If you would like help to pick the right decking for your job, why not get in touch? At Floor Sanding Victoria , we are huge fans of decking and will happily share our expertise with you to help you make the perfect decision for today and for the future.